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NYY 91 71
BOS 91 71
TOR 86 76
TB 81 81
BAL 72 90

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2008 Baseball Previews

I know it’s straying from the usual material, but since I am a baseball fan first and foremost, I am going to devote this week to my 2008 MLB preview.

I ran some numbers and projected the 2008 season and while I was originally going to break it into 2 posts, I decided to break it down by divisions. So, every day this week I’ll do one division and it will culminate with my playoff and awards predictions.

Monday – AL East
Tuesday – AL Central
WednesdayAL West
Thursday – NL East
Friday – NL Central
Saturday – NL West
Sunday – Playoffs/Awards

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“Turn it off. Don’t watch this. This is private.”

Capturing the Friedmans

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“Work is for people who can’t play video games”

King of Kong
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“I was like, ‘this guy is way too young looking, short, with too high a voice to run for Congress.’ Then I talked to him for 10 minutes and I thought, this motherfucker might just do it.”

Jeff Smith

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Documentary Week #1

All entertainment, whether it’s a movie, TV show, book or whatever, is escapism — a way to catch a break from a mundane, everyday existence. Everything from terrific shows like The Sopranos or movies like The Usual Suspects to steaming crap-piles like Chill Factor or Grey’s Anatomy fits the bill. The best of entertainment to me is that which leaves you thinking about the world in a different way after you see it or read it — this can be done with something as fantastical as The Matrix or as real-world as The Wire.

With documentaries, however, you enter a different level — because they are documenting something real about our world, a great documentary can be more powerful than any other type of film. The characters and their stories are real and this gives it a meaning that no other genre, even something fact-based like Band of Brothers, can touch. They truly are showing you a part of the world which you may not have any exposure to, and the best ones educate as well as entertain. I’m not talking about the pseudo reality-TV documentaries that the Michael Moores of the world put out, as much as I enjoy them, but actual documentaries — ones that tell a story, not create a story.

So this week I’ll be reviewing four of the better documentaries of the last few years, a diverse group of subject matter and styles. No new content today but starting tomorrow there will be a new article every day this week. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday – Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?
Wednesday – The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Thursday – Capturing the Friedmans

I’ll do this every few months or so — a disproportionate amount of the movies I want to see and haven’t yet are documentaries and this will give me the motivation to start banging through my Netflix queue.

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“The only girl I ever loved was born with roses in her eyes.”

In the Aeroplane over the Sea

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